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Personalised financial planning, super and retirement advice, wealth-building strategies, finance, and the right insurance - everything you need to protect your tomorrow today.

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Callie and Henriëtte Scheffer, financial services veterans of 30 years, provide expert financial advice and guidance to individuals, couples, and business owners. 

What We Do

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Financial Planning

With our comprehensive and caring approach, we help you get the right mix of financial planning, super and retirement advice, wealth-building strategies, lending and personal insurance to maximise and protect your future. 


Lending Review

With our expert advice and guidance, we help take the guess work of how your lending fits into your big picture, off your shoulders. Whether you need lending to buy or re-finance a home, investment property, vehicle or are already working with your own lending specialist, let us support you on your lending journey or be your guide along the way.


Money Edit

With your big picture in mind, we help you set down your best financial foundations with expert advice, a tailored cashflow plan and the right tools and resources to support your journey to financial wellbeing - everything you need in the mix to take your personal cashflow and money management journey, to the next level.

Organise and grow your wealth  with confidence

How It Works

1 Get In Touch

Talk to our team about your financial needs and book a convenient time for your free consultation. 


2 Discovery

We get to know your financial goals and needs to identify the areas where you will need our help.

3 Develop Your Plan

We work with you to develop a fully tailored financial plan with your goals in mind. 

4 Implement

We put your plan into action and continue to work with you to ensure you can stay on track with your wealth goals.

More than 60 years of Experience

7,000+     People Guided

21+ yrs Experience in Superannuation

34+ yrs Experience in Retirement Planning

27+ yrs Experience in Personal Insurance

About Ellixi

Ellixi Wealth is a boutique style financial planning firm, based in Sydney, that prides itself in giving you exactly what you need (and nothing you don’t). And beyond holistic planning and expert advice, we also offer valuable resources and tools to help you ease your journey to financial freedom. What we do is highly personalised – never cookie cutter – and tailored to your and your family’s unique needs.

Callie and Henriette, bring more than 60+ years of combined experience of deep expertise in a wide range of key wealth and financial areas. Across their careers, they have guided thousands of people to greater financial security and freedom, and the beauty of that is they have done it very simply: one conversation at a time.


Why choose Ellixi as your financial planning partner?

We don't just specialise in one area of personal finance. We've spent decades learning
the right questions to ask to consider your situation from every angle.

Why choose Ellixi as your financial planning partner?

We don't just specialise in one area of personal finance. We've spent decades learning the right questions to ask to consider your situation from every angle.


We don't just specialise in a single area of personal finance. We've spent decades learning the right questions to ask to consider your situation from every angle for the best outcome.


There is never 'just one' way to meet your financial goals. We get to know the specifics of each and every client, their finances and their family's needs to deliver effective, tailored advice.

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With 60 + year's combined experienced, Our Certified Financial Planners have guided thousands of people to greater financial security and freedom.

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Being trusted with your finances is an honour that we take very seriously. We always act with honesty, integrity and fairness while helping you to achieve the future you want.

Ready to feel clear and confident  about your finances?

What Our Clients Say


Alleviated Our Angst

With nearing retirement and deciding to downsize, it became clear that we needed professional and expert financial advice. Henriëtte and Callie, were very knowledgeable about the choices we could make, and we are very happy with the expert service they provided us with over the years.

Johan & Rose, Bella Vista - NSW


Gave Me Options

I first consulted Henriette in 2018 and because of the positive experience I had with her, I recently sought her out again to help me to manage my finances. Henriette is very knowledgeable, and she was able to plan things in a way that I would never have known about or considered on my own.

Yvonne,Parramatta North - NSW


What We Needed

Moving into partial retirement, we were unsure how to best balance income from work and pension(super) without sabotaging our age pension. Callie listened to what we needed and put things together a way that would give us what we needed and delivered us our best options.

          Trudee, Robertson - NSW                06/06/2023


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We're looking forward to helping you on your journey to financial freedom. Each of our clients started their journey with a free consultation – no strings attached! Just fill out the form and we'll be in touch.

  • Your first meeting with a financial advisor is completely free, with no obligation to appoint us as your wealth partner.
  • With more that 60 years of combined experience, we can advise you on all aspects of managing your finances and saving for the future you want.
  • Our Certified Financial Planners will conduct thorough planning and research to ensure that every piece of advice you receive is valuable and suitable for your needs.

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