Our Services

Callie and Henriëtte Scheffer, financial services veterans of 30 years, provide expert financial advice and guidance to individuals, couples, and business owners. 


We help and support you with all aspects of your personal financial management.

With 60+ years’s combined experience our, our Certified Financial Planners are able to support you with all key areas of your finances. 

Making your Mark

Getting started, single, married, mortgage, a business, focussed on your career or kids? Thinking about how you can make progress and save for the future? Whatever stage you’re at - we have you covered. We focus on the important goals in your life and help you create a tailored roadmap towards achieving them.

Planning For Retirement

Whether retirement is a way off or fast approaching, it is important to remember that retirement planning doesn’t begin at age 60. Whatever stage you’re at on your retirement journey - we have you covered. We focus on the important goals in your life and help you create a tailored roadmap to retirement and beyond.

If you’ve been needing to figure out your finances, when to retire or just want to make sure you have the right people in your corner - we’ve got you covered!

Fully tailored financial planning advice to help you achieve the future you envisioned


Managing Your Money

Managing your budget and monitoring your spending, helps you take control of your finances and is key to setting down the best financial foundations. Let the Ellixi Wealth Team help you with expert guidance and advice, a tailored cashflow plan and the right cashflow tools to support you paying off your debt and reaching your unique goals sooner.


Building Your Wealth

Starting an investment portfolio or diversifying an existing one, is an important step in making your wealth go further. Whether you're building a nest egg , saving towards a specific goal or working towards upgrading your lifestyle, we have a solution for you. With you big picture in mind, let the Ellixi Wealth Team help you with expert financial advice, a tailor-made investment strategy and wealth building tools, to help you ease your journey to financial freedom.


Protecting Your Wealth

Every successful financial plan has a back up plan. The right protection can help future proof your finances by providing you and your family with much needed financial support in the times that you need it most. Let the Ellixi Wealth Team help by doing a review of the situation with your personal insurance so you will have the peace of mind that you are protected in the right way and in the best way that fits your budget.


Working With Your Super

Make sure you are getting the most from your super. Let the Ellixi Wealth Team help by doing a review of how you are going with your super, how you are growing your super and how it is invested. If you wish to discuss consolidating your super or how to best transition to retirement, the Ellixi Wealth Team can help as well.

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Preparing For Retirement

For many, retirement may seem like a long way off, but putting money in super at the right time, is a tax effective way to invest money for your retirement years. Let the Ellixi Wealth Team help you get the right mix of personalised retirement planning and wealth-building strategies, to maximise your tomorrow and plan for the retirement you want.


Leaving A Legacy

For most, to do good with their wealth and leave a legacy is an important part of their personal financial planning. Family and Legacy Planning gives you the peace of mind that the people you care about is taken care of should something happen. Let the Ellixi Wealth Team help to ensure that your assets are arranged to end up in the right hands at the right time and in the way you planned.